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GDA speaks to BBC about hearing aid clinics

On Thursday 21st April, GDA invited BBC Radio Gloucestershire along to one of their free hearing-aid clinics to find out what's on offer to NHS hearing-aid wearers in Gloucestershire
Anna King (AK) – “Are you, or someone in your life hard of hearing, or possible, very hard of hearing? You might need to use a hearing aid or another form of equipment, and that’s great – if it solves the problem for you, that’s lovely. If so, you’ll also know how much you rely on those aids and how frustrating it is when something goes wrong with it and your volume on life is turned down. Well there is good news, people with hearing aids will now be able to have simple repairs carried out, without a hospital appointment thanks to a new partnership with GDA. David Smith is at St Oswald’s Retirement Village at one of the new drop-in clinics”

David Smith (DS) – “Good morning from St Oswald’s, I’m here at the drop-in clinic with Samantha Quinson the clinician. Sam, good morning.”

Samantha Quinson (SQ) – “Good morning”

DS – “Let’s have a look at what you’ve got here. You’ve got all sorts of bits and pieces here showing the variety of hearing aids. But this isn’t a hearing test, this is a mechanical check”

SQ – “That’s right. We’re funded by the hospitals to provide this service. It’s to clean, retube and give batteries to NHS hearing-aid wearers to take some of the pressure of the hospitals and to save people having to travel to the hospitals and waiting long periods of time for appointments.”

DS – “I’ve got a little experience of this in my family, a younger relative wears hearing aids and one thing I’ve noticed about these is they’re quite fragile and they break quite easily.”
To listen to the full interview please click here (approx. 2:12:55 in to the show) or to read the interview transcript please click here.
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