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The experience of being deaf is rarely understood whether it be someone living with age related hearing loss or a British Sign Language user, proud of their culture and heritage. What many hearing people do not understand is how isolating it can be.


Most will assume it is simply about not being able to hear but, in fact, deafness is about the daily struggles a person has with communication and the impact that it can have on a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing. 

No-ones deserves to live in a world of loneliness so at GDA we provide a range of social activities that aim to give people the chance to engage with others who are also living with hearing loss; to feel part of a community and ultimately eliminate any feelings of isolation. 

Take a look at the different social activities running throughout Gloucestershire.

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Friendship circle


Hard of hearing clubs


Tinnitus support group


Transport fund


Gloucester Deaf Club (GDC)


Lunch club


Social events

Living confidently with 
deafness and hearing loss

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