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Get the companies you shop with to donate to GDA by using

Its easy! Watch the video below

Click the button below and then search for Gloucestershire Deaf Association


Donate Today

Every pound you donate will help GDA to support one of the most disadvantaged groups of people in our society. 

  • £5 – could help pay for a person to get their hearing aids cleaned and re-tubed at one of our hearing-aid clinics across Gloucestershire

  • £10 – could help pay for a deaf child and their family to attend the monthly Dalmatian's Children's club.

  • £15 – could help pay for a deaf person to access our Transport Fund to enable them to attend one of our social activities

  • £20 – could help pay for a one-to-one advocacy support for a deaf person to receive help with making phone calls, completing forms or writing letters

  • £50 – could help pay for a wellbeing trip to reduce isolation among our community.

  • £150 – could help pay for a young person to attend a residential trip which will build confidence and give them a chance to engage with other young deaf people.

With your help, together we can give deaf children, young people and adults the opportunity to thrive and not live in a world of loneliness and isolation.

Living confidently with 
deafness and hearing loss

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