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Zero Tolerance

The Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA) is dedicated to promoting and upholding a safe and secure environment for individuals experiencing varying degrees of deafness, as well as for those employed within the organisation and its representatives. The organisation firmly opposes any instances of abusive behaviour, intimidation, or aggression, whether it occurs internally or involves external parties. It's crucial to recognise that such behaviour can manifest in person, over the phone, through written correspondence, or via email. We are committed to consistently adhering to the values of fairness, honesty, integrity, kindness, and respect. We anticipate that everyone associated with the organisation will abide by these principles and follow this policy. As an organisation, we hold the obligation to ensure that both staff (paid employees) and representatives of GDA (Trustees, volunteers, and students on placements) are shielded from any form of unacceptable or abusive conduct, whether originating from external individuals or groups, or from fellow staff members or GDA representatives. Accordingly, GDA maintains a zero-tolerance stance towards harassment, intimidation, or abuse directed at any of its staff or representatives.

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