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Local councils support GDA's efforts to support deaf people during these times

Over the course of the last few weeks people living with deafness have faced even greater isolation. The COVID-19 pandemic has cut-off people from all walks of live, and none more so than those living with an acquired hearing loss.

Since going in to lockdown GDA has worked to adapt it's services in order to offer remote support wherever possible - from over-the-phone individual assessments to hearing aid maintenance support and a virtual BSL interpreting provision, all with the aim of helping to reduce the level of isolation being felt by deaf and hard of hearing people in Gloucestershire.

GDA recognises that the majority of the people it supports are elderly and a large number don't have access to technology in order to source additional assistance during these difficult and uncertain times. So, to help release some of the isolation being felt, GDA has put together a comprehensive pack with information about local and county-wide services, as well as details about how to access additional hearing aid services via GDA and the local hospital trusts.

In recent weeks, GDA has sent out nearly 2,500 packs to local residents and the response to the packs has been overwhelming:

"Thanks for your pack of information. It stands out as one of the most helpful one’s received so far."

GDA's 'Keeping in Touch' project wouldn't have been possible without funding and we'd like to offer our sincere thanks to the following local councils COVID-19 response programmes for their grants:

  • Cheltenham Community Resilience Fund

  • Cotswold Community Resilience Fund

  • Gloucester Community Resilience Fund

  • Tewkesbury Borough Council Emergency Fund


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