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GDA lends it's support to the #whereistheinterpreter campaign...

Today, GDA spoke to BBC Radio Gloucestershire about the #whereistheinterpreter campaign and to lend it's support to such an important message.

The #whereistheinterpreter campaign was started by Lynn Stewart-Taylor in response to the lack of British Sign Language interpreters on the daily Government press briefings about the Coronavirus pandemic, when the situation first arose.

The lack of interpreters meant Deaf people, who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language, where missing out on vital, potentially life-saving information.

Although the Government has since introduced interpreters via their BBC News Channels, Deaf people are still missing out on the information because they don't have access to the digital channels.

#whereistheinterpreter is acting as a voice for and on behalf of Deaf people to encourage the Government to make the necessary changes to make their daily briefings accessible to everyone, by providing a BSL interpreter live on their mainstream channels.

When countries across the world, including Scotland and Wales are able to provide such accessibility, there really is no reason why the English Government can't too.

This Deaf Awareness Week, this message couldn't be more relevant - that greater deaf awareness can prevented unacceptable situations like this happening.

You can listen to the radio interview by clicking here (go to 2:40 in to the show), or you can read a transcript of the interview by clicking the download below..

Download PDF • 53KB

Follow and support the #whereistheinterpreter campaign on Twitter, here and watch a powerful video from Deaf people calling for the Government to change - click here

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