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It's our birthday - GDA launches 100th anniversary celebrations

You may have read already that 2019 is a special year for GDA. It's in this year that GDA turns 100 years old. For a century, GDA has been providing practical and emotional support to the deaf, hard of hearing and deafened community of Gloucestershire.

GDA, or 'The Gloucester Diocesan Association for the Deaf and Dumb' as it was known previously, was founded in October 1919 following a meeting at the request of the Bishop of Gloucester, the very Reverend Dr, C. E. S. Gibson.

The meeting determined that the new Association's purpose would be

  • to find out, get in touch with and maintain a register of those living with deafness within the Diocese

  • to provide, by means of an itinerant Missioner for their spiritual care

  • to give encouragement, information and advice as to the proper education of the young who are deaf

  • to take a general interest in people living with deafness

100 years on and many of those initial principals remain the core objectives of GDA today.

Over the years GDA has been through triumphant and turbulent times, most recently with the historic pension deficit which saw GDA required to pay nearly £500,000 to the council. The situation could have had catastrophic results for the charity but thankfully the charity remains a solid source of support for people living with deafness.

Over the course of this week, GDA will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary with a number of activities as well as sharing more of its 100 year story via social media and website platforms. And of course there's our first ever Wear it Loud day which will be held on Tuesday 15th October, when people and businesses across the county will be wearing their loudest and brightest clothing to raise money for GDA.

It's been a fantastic 100yrs so far and we hope you will join us on our journey for the next 100yrs.

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