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Your voice is important. With your voice we can help shape the future of the services and support available to Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults in Gloucestershire.
Deaf and hard of hearing adults and children in Gloucestershire face changing times, with improvements in technology and additional communication challenges when health and social care is delivered remotely. At GDA we are committed to providing the support you want and need, not just for today, but for tomorrow.

We've put together a short survey which will help us understand how your hearing loss affects you and your everyday life. It will also enable us to evidence the need for services already in place, and services which may be in the 'pipe-line'.
This is your chance to share your thoughts; to let your voice be heard.
The survey will take just five minutes to complete. You can do the survey online by clicking here or you can download a copy to print at home and send in to us. For BSL users we've put together a short BSL video to guide you through the survey. You can watch this on our Youtube Channel.
Thank you.
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