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New GDA Youth Participation Leader

Boost for deaf children and families in Gloucestershire

GDA is delighted to share the news that from the beginning of August a Youth Participation Leader will be joining the GDA team.

Gilson Sly will be joining GDA from Tuesday 1st August and will be working with our GDYZ and CDCC groups, as well as Teachers of the Deaf to ensure local deaf children and their families get the right support.

Gilson is himself deaf since birth and is equally fluent in sign and speech which makes him ideal to work with both hearing and deaf families. Gilson has experience of leading youth groups and his obvious connection with members of our youth group, GDYZ, who attended the second stage interview will make him an extremely positive role model.

It has been eight years since GDA had a Youth Leader on its staff, so the appointment of Gilson is an exciting one for the charity and the future of its children and youth people services.

Many congratulations to Gilson and we wishing him all the very best in his new role.
If you have a child who has hearing loss and would like to find out how we can support you, do get in touch on admin@gda.org.uk or call 01452 372999.
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