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Mutton Jeffrey interview with Radio Glos

BBC Radio Gloucestershire interview with Chris Baxter
Yesterday we spoke to Chris Baxter at BBC Radio Gloucestershire about our new breakthrough project to help deaf people into employment. Mutton Jeffrey was launched at the beginning of October and is already seeing successes with the four deaf people we're assisting run their own businesses.
GDA's project coordinator Reg Cobb, spoke to Chris about the project and told him how we are supporting deaf people to work freelance.
Click here to read the full radio interview transcript or listen back to the interview here
GDA is grateful to the Dept of Work and Pensions for a DPULO Facilitation Fund grant, awarded in 2013 for the charity to undertake a two-year Deaf employment project. It has enabled us to help a number of Gloucestershire Deaf job-seekers into successful employment, to support others already in employment, and to help four Deaf entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses within a GDA communications supported environment. 
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