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GDA backs report on elderly person isolation

GDA responds to a report by Age UK about isolation amongst elderly people living in rural areas.

A report launched today and conducted by the charity Age UK has revealed that many elderly people who live in rural areas across England, feel isolated and lonely because of the lack of public transport.

A lack of shops, access to health and social care and difficulties getting broadband also create obstacles, the report by the charity said.

GDA fully recognises the findings of the Age UK report and completely endorses the need for more to be done to ensure older people have access to services.

This isolation is felt particularly by those living with hearing loss. Around one in three people over the age of 65yrs in the UK have acquired hearing loss. Gloucestershire’s proportion of 65 plus year-olds, which is above the national average, has increased from 17.4 percent to 18.6 percent over the past decade with rural Cotswolds hosting the highest percentage at 22.3 percent over 65s. 
Jenny Hopkins, GDA's Chief Executive said "All the difficulties highlighted so well by Age UK are of course even more difficult for those who, as they get older have become deaf. Older people generally can find it difficult to get out and about and may not have any understanding of computers to access information. Add to that the problem of not being able to use a telephone because you can't hear, so you have no means of getting in touch with family, friends or to access services"

“We know from our experience how Deaf people can find even face to face conversations a humiliating experience because they mishear or need things to be repeated. Most cannot even enjoy the simple companionship of TV or radio, because they can't hear those. The isolation that deaf people experience can be catastophic to their sense of wellbeing, which is why GDA strives on a daily basis to provide support to those living in rural areas in particular”.

Read the full report by visiting the Age UK website www.ageuk.org.uk/latest-news/age-uk-report-reveals-challenges-of-living
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