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Charity launches Transport Appeal

New 'Transport Appeal' aims to raise £5,000 to enable hearing impaired people to access vital support groups.
Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA) is excited to launch a 'Transport Appeal' which hopes to raise £5,000 to provide mobility assistance to deaf and hard of hearing people across Gloucestershire in accessing vital community support and services.

Back in July, GDA endorsed a report by a national charity which highlighted the isolation and loneliness felt by many elderly people living in rural areas across England because of the lack of public transport.

This isolation can be felt particularly by those who are deaf, who without the means to get out and about, can become entirely deprived of communication with others: they can’t hear to use the telephone with family, friends and to access services, including contacting their GP; they will miss a knock at the door from the postman, milkman or neighbours; often they can’t even enjoy the companionship of TV or radio. It is all too easy for deafness to be a short step away from depression and mental illness, especially if you live in a village miles out of town.

Which is why GDA, the county’s only frontline charity supporting Deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind adults and children, puts such emphasis on providing activities which bring deaf people into social contact with each other. We offer support through hard of hearing clubs and lip reading classes, as well as deaf children’s clubs and many more. We do everything we can to re-connect deaf people who, as a consequence of their hearing loss, have withdrawn completely in on themselves.

But transport difficulties prevents some of our most ‘in need’ members from being able to attend social activities and services which GDA provides in Cirencester and elsewhere across the county.

GDA’s Chief Executive, Jenny Hopkins, said: “I can think of several adults and children immediately who would benefit from GDA having a pot of money that could pay the petrol cost for volunteer drivers, or a taxi service for the most vulnerable in need of specialist support to enable us to bring them to our events. Two are deaf-blind ladies who have no social contact outside of GDA. There is also a young girl who has multiple disabilities including being profoundly deaf, and another is a young lad who thrives at our deaf youth club but has problems at home that often means transport is not available to get him to us.”
GDA is delighted to have the support of local newspaper, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard to help drive the appeal forward.  
Jenny Hopkins added, “We are absolutely thrilled that the Wilts and Glos Standard have chosen to back our appeal. The £5,000 we hope to raise will enable us to provide transport for a year for up to 60 adults and children who without this support would not be able to access GDA’s services and as a result would be at serious risk of extreme isolation and communication deprivation."
Please support our appeal by
  • Donating via our appeal fundraising page: www.justgiving.com/GDATransportAppeal 
  • Or sending in your donation to the GDA office at Gloucestershire Deaf Association, Transport Appeal, Colin Road, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3JL
For more information about GDA's 'Transport Appeal' please contact the office on 01452 372999. To find out about the various services GDA offers to hearing impaired people please visit our Find a Service page.
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