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Things are looking up for deaf employment

Thanks to the support of Gloucestershire Deaf Association’s new breakthrough project, Mutton Jeffrey, Gloucestershire’s deaf community are now able to set up their own businesses.

Mutton Jeffrey is an initiative set up by the charity to enable local deaf people into employment. The charity will essentially act as a support link between both the deaf person and their customers by providing a communication bridge so to break down any barriers otherwise there. The aim is to provide opportunities for everyone to benefit from the talents and skills that Deaf people can offer. 

Deaf people, just like a hearing person, want the opportunity to shine and be independent and Mutton Jeffrey is just the project to allow that to happen.

Says GDA Chief Executive, Jenny Hopkins, ‘It’s all very well getting on our soapbox about equality around employment but we felt we needed to do more and so through our Mutton Jeffrey project we are making things happen. We appreciate the reservations a non-sign language user feels having to communicate with a Deaf sign language user, and vice versa, and so our role in this project will be to act as the communicator between both parties; making phone calls, using new technology to communicate in sign language with the Deaf entrepreneur on behalf of the customer, and handling promptly and positively any issues that might arise during the work.

GDA is enormously proud of what we are achieving around Deaf employment in Gloucestershire and, with Mutton Jeffrey, we believe we are launching a scheme that could be duplicated by other deaf charities for Deaf sign language users elsewhere around the country.  Deaf people want to succeed. We have found a way to make that happen.”

GDA already has a number of deaf entrepreneurs on their books offering services ranging from photography to floristry and ironing and cleaning to a children’s entertainer.

Donna-Marie Ray is just one of the Deaf sign language users being assisted by the Mutton Jeffrey project. Donna-Marie, like all the Mutton Jeffrey entrepreneurs, has been helped to create a business folder that explains her floristry work, her prices, and sets out her skills and tips for customers on how best to communicate with her either directly or through GDA. 

To find out more about GDA’s Mutton Jeffrey project and what other Deaf entrepreneurs are offering in Gloucestershire, please contact GDA on 01452 372999 or email: mutton.jeffrey@glosdeaf.org.uk 

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