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A thank you from us to you

Well we did it – Team GDA actually ran the CHELTENHAM HALF MARATHON!!!

A few months ago when we all signed up for the challenge, none of us ever truly anticipated just how much time and commitment would go into getting us round the 13.1 mile course. Months of blood, sweat, tears, pains, injuries and sickness went into preparing for the big day on the 27th September, but we all stuck with it and we couldn’t be prouder of each other. 

Unfortunately due to a nasty foot injury sustained back in August, Jenny wasn’t able to join us on the run but she was still very much a part of the day and the team right up to the finish line.

The atmosphere on the day was simply amazing; from the strangers on the roadside cheering us on and our family and friends giving us kind words of encouragement, to the people handing out water and jelly babies and the steel and brass bands entertaining us round the tedious Racecourse section! Every single person there helped make it a day to remember.

In between all the hours and miles we put into training, the team have been busy holding cake sales, sweepstakes and raffles to encourage family and friends to support them. And boy, did they! I am delighted to say that as a team we have raised over £5,500 for Gloucestershire Deaf Association and your contribution has played a huge part in reaching that amazing total, so from the bottom of our rather sweaty trainers, and hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you.   

Standing on the side-lines, watching people take on challenges like this, you can’t help but admire them. But it isn’t until you actually get involved in doing it yourself that you really understand just how much it takes to complete something like this. We think it’s fair to say that we all have an even greater admiration for anyone who has ever done anything outside their comfort zone!

So, while we all continue to remain perched on cloud nine, all that’s left for us to say, once again is, thank you. Your generosity gave us all much needed boosts along the way and we certainly couldn’t have done it without them.

With very best wishes
Team GDA  
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