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Mutton Jeffrey already shows success

It's only three weeks since GDA launched their breakthrough project, Mutton Jeffrey and already we're seeing results.
'Mutton Jeffrey' is a project devised to provide opportunities for everyone to benefit from the talents and skills that Deaf people can offer, by providing communication support from the charity both for Deaf entrepreneurs and also their customers.
Since the project was launched at Eagle Tower a few weeks ago, three of our Deaf entrepreneurs are already reaping the rewards of GDA's support:
  • Garrie Martin has secured an order to photograph a 90th birthday party
  • Sam Bryan has received her first orders for her cleaning and ironing services, and
  • Donna-Marie Ray has been booked to do the table flower decorations at a wedding in 2015
These first few orders are a fantastic start to Mutton Jeffrey and we're sure it's the sign of positive things to come for our budding Deaf entrepreneurs. 

If you would like to find out more about the services Mutton Jeffrey can provide you with please contact us on
mutton.jeffrey@glosdeaf.org.uk or contact us on 01452 372999.  
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