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Lip-reading challenge proves challenging

At last week's Sterling Business Show at Kingsholm Stadium, GDA challenged delegates to a communication challenge which many found a lot tougher than they thought
Lip-reading is an essential life skill for anyone with hearing loss. GDA hosts five lip-reading classes across the county, all run by qualified lip-reading tutors. It takes time to build up the skills and confidence to be able to lip-read which is why many of our students are recurring members.
At the recent Sterling Business Show we thought it would be a great opportunity while trying to raise deaf awareness in businesses, to show just how hard it is for someone to lip-read and why simply changes to the way businesses conduct themselves with customers can make a big difference to the service they provide.
So we set about creating a 'Communication Challenge' with a box of chocolates and bottle of wine up for grabs for the winner. Each participant watched a short video with ten different words being said silently. 
In the end congratulations went to Debbie Bird of Able Growth and Ann Mary Wardman of Jan-Pro who both scored four out of ten and were our joint winners. The low scores proved just how difficult it is to communicate when you can't hear voices and how much of a skill it is to be able to lip-read.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand to have a go at the challenge and find out more about how we can help your business be more deaf friendly. If you're interested in knowing more about deaf awareness contact Reg Cobb on reg.cobb@glosdeaf.org.uk.  
Thanks also to the Gloucestershire Independent Network (GIN) group who very kindly donated the stand to GDA.
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