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I'm sorry Mum...

A letter from a daughter to her mother following a deaf awareness talk GDA recently gave to NHS staff at Edward Jenner Court...
Dear Mum
I watched a film at work yesterday about patients with hearing problems. I'd like to say I'm sorry for the following:
  • Not understanding the frustration for you when you can't hear things
  • The isolation when you are in a group and can't hear all that is being said
  • Not understanding that hearing aids only amplify certain pitches not improve your hearing
  • The worry that someone might see you hearing aid and know you are deaf (although it's just like putting on your glasses to see)
  • Telling people you're hard of hearing
I'm sorry, I thought I was being helpful. I'll be lead by you in the future. 
Love you loads
Kay xx
Having basic deaf awareness can benefit everyone, not just the person living with hearing loss. To find out about how GDA can help you or your company understand deafness better contact us on 01452 372999 or email admin@glosdeaf.org.uk.    
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