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GDA launches funding appeal

More than a building. The heart of a community


In an effort to relieve GDA of a longstanding issue with Gloucestershire County Council over an LGPS pension deficit, it has become necessary for GDA to sell half its site at Colin Road in Barnwood, Gloucester. This will involve the charity having to create a new, smaller car park on the other side of its building, and also to relocate two large washrooms and a large storage room, currently contained within a flat-roofed extension, which has to be demolished as part of the sale. 
In recent years GDA has invested time, effort and money into transforming its once-tired-looking Community Centre into a vibrant hub that attracts 22 regular group, many deaf and some non-deaf-related.  Any delay to the building works, which would force closure of the Community Centre, would force all of these groups, to seek alternative premises.  We don't want vulnerable groups to have to do this, which is why we need your help. And urgently. GDA has already raised £170,000 towards this cause, but we need to raise a final £60,000 to start the work in July 2014.
Will you donate to this worthy cause? Please use the Charity Checkout link below to do so now:
You can also take a look through our brochure using the link below to find out more. 
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