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GDA awarded Level 2 PQASSO Quality Mark

Local Deaf charity achieves nationally recognised award
GDA has become the first user-led charity in the county to achieve the PQASSO Quality Mark at level 2, a nationally recognised accreditation that gives both users and commissioners an external valuation of the quality and credibility of an organisation.  

After months of evidence gathering for a desktop review of procedures, followed by a full two-day on-site inspection, GDA was given the news through a 61-page glowing report, which included the comment, “It was very apparent to the assessor that managers, staff and volunteers are inspired and motivated by being part of a well led and ambitious organisation to deliver high quality services”.

PQASSO is the only kitemark endorsed by the Charity Commission as meeting the Hallmarks of an Effective Charity.  To achieve the coveted Level 2, GDA had to demonstrate the quality of its work across 12 different areas of performance, including sound governance practices, financial and risk management procedures, a user-centred service: and a robust system for measuring outcomes.

GDA Chief Executive Jenny Hopkins said, “An organisation that has the PQASSO Quality Mark offers a guarantee of being fit for purpose. As a user-led charity, with half of us deaf or hard of hearing, it feels even more of an achievement. The on-site assessor made a point of checking how well our team works together using both speech and sign language, and how we adapt our working environment to suit each person’s hearing impairment, and that’s probably what we are most proud of. She said during the visit she found GDA inspiring and to get such a ringing endorsement from an independent examiner feels very special.”

GDA services include its Understand Deafness films and training which are ideal for organisations with a public-facing role, or who employ any staff with hearing impairment. For more information call 01452 372999, email admin@gda.org.uk, or visit the GDA website at www.gda.org.uk

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