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Elderly speak of loneliness and isolation

Elderly people speak of their loneliness and isolation
A report today has revealed how the free, 24-hour helpline 'Silver Line' took more than 300,000 calls in it's first year from elderly people, with a majority of the calls about feeling lonely or isolated.
"More than half of callers told the helpline they had nobody else to talk to" the BBC News online reported.
People who are living with hearing loss are particularly at risk of feeling lonely or isolated. One in three people over the age of 65 suffers some level of age-related hearing impairment. Unless you suffer from deafness, it is easy to underestimate the devastating effect this can have on your sense of well-being. It is not simply that you can no longer hear birds sing, or lose your enjoyment of music; hearing loss is about losing your connection with people – not being able to phone family and friends, or even the emergency services, not being able to hear the TV, which may be your only company if you live alone.

GDA runs outreach clinics across Gloucestershire and carries out home visits to people who are homebound, to equip them with key listening aid equipment that can change their lives. A TV listener or phone amplifier can make all the difference to a person living with hearing loss.
With an aging population in Gloucestershire, it's imperative we are able to keep our services going. To donate to GDA's hard of hearing services please click here or send in your donation to Gloucestershire Deaf Association, Colin Road, Barnwood, Gloucestershire, GL4 3JL quoting ref: HOH.
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