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'Dave the Signer' is a hit

'Dave the Signer' the first of GDA's deaf awareness videos has already become a hit
The first in the series of five videos was released on Thursday 22nd January and has already been viewed over 2,000 times and caught the attention of Gloucester born-and-bred TV chef Tom Kerridge as well as local media and politicians.
The response to the video has been fantastic prompting comments including:
"Best deaf awareness video I've seen to date"

"Good stuff. So sad to think this really does happen though"

"This video had me in stitches! But seriously, it's not funny when it happens to you. Well done Reg and co for producing this fantastic video. Looking forward to seeing the next one"

Each of the awareness videos look at a different issue that deaf and hard of hearing people face on a daily basis, from accessing buildings with an intercom entry system to lack of text contact facilities. 'Dave the Signer' emphasises the importance of having a fully qualified British Sign Language (BSL) interpreterspresent at key appointments. 

Starring GDA's Reg Cobb and James Banks the videos are funny, witty and engaging while delivering a serious message at the same time. 

For the next four weeks we will be releasing another video every Thursday at 12pm. Keep posted for the next one coming this Thursday 29th January.  
Check out our Youtube channel to watch 'Dave the Signer' and other deaf awareness videos by clicking here.  
Reaching 2,000 views is brilliant but we need your help to reach even more people. The more people who are deaf aware the more society and mainstream services can be accessible to people living with hearing loss.  
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