Remembering GDA with a gift in your Will

Remembering GDA with a gift in your Will will take just a few minutes but it's a gift that will last a lifetime...

For many D/deaf and hard of hearing people, they feel extremely isolated from society because the appropriate support and activities aren't available. Being left out is something every child fears, but for a deaf child being left out is all too often a reality, every single day. A deaf child feels left out because they can't participate in sport - they can't hear the whistle and the teacher thinks it's too dangerous. A hard of hearing adult becomes lonely and afraid because they can't use the telephone anymore and that last source of communication has disappeared.

GDA supports over 3,000 D/deaf and hard of hearing children and adults across Gloucestershire. We provide them with the opportunities to engage with society, the support them in situations when they feel lost and community clubs where they can enjoy suitable activities with others from the local area. However, we cannot continue offering these valuable services without your help.

Ensuring your loved ones are provided for must be a priority, but if you feel you are able to leave a gift in your Will to GDA we would be extremely grateful. No matter how large or small your gift may be, please be assured it will help make a BIG difference to our charity.

We have put together a short step-by-step guide to making a Will which you can download here. If you already have a Will in place but would like to now include GDA, you can do so by completing our Codicil form.

If you would prefer to receive hard copies of eitther documents or would like to discuss remembering GDA in your Will please do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 372999 or email We would be delighted to hear from you.