How you can help

Doing something amazing like supporting a charity you care about can be great fun, whilst being extremely rewarding at the same time. There are hundreds of ways in which you can help make a difference. Here's just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Set yourself a challenge
    There are lots of different challenge events happening all year round, all over the world. From 5k runs to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, there is something to suit everyone, whatever your age or ability.

    Check out our Fundraising Event page for a selection of upcoming events you can take part in to support GDA. If you can't find what you're after on there, please feel free to get in touch and we will do what we can to help you find it.

  • Local fundraising
    Fundraising is a fabulous way of involving family and friends in supporting your chosen charity. Round up willing volunteers to:
    - Hold a cake sale.

    - Ask your local pub to host regular quiz night. 

    - Invite family and friends to take part in a 'Come Dine With Me' event.

    - Bag-packing: ask your local supermarket if you and friends can come down on afternoon to offer bag-packing to their customers.

  • Corporate support
    The support of a company can mean a great deal to a charity like GDA and there are many ways in which your company can get involved:
    - Charity of the Year: choosee GDA as your companies Charity of the Year.

    - Employee fundraising: getting a team together to take part in a fundraising event can be a great team bonding opportunity.

    - Give As You Earn: encourage colleagues to sign up to Give As You Earn. If salaries or pensions are paid via PAYE you can give directly from your pre-tax salary, so any money that would normally go to the taxman goes to GDA instead. For more information about the GYE scheme please visit  

    - Sponsorship: we hold many events over the course of the year and always welcome financial support to enable us to get the most out of the event.    

    - Matched funding: if an employee decides to fundraise for GDA could you offer them matched funding? 

    Whatever way your company chooses to support GDA, we can offer continued support throughout the partnership with fundraising ideas, materials about GDA and support in raising Deaf Awareness within your organisation.  

For more information about any of the ideas mentioned here or to discuss your own fundraising ideas, download our Fundraising Guide or contact Gemma on 01452 372999 or email