What Others Say About Our Equipment Service
What Others Say

It matters to us and we know it matters to you

15 Nov 2012
"Excellent presentation."         Roy E. Lewis, Frampton on Severn
31 Aug 2011
"First rate."       W.J. Gascoigne, Cheltenham 
31 Aug 2011
"Everything that was brought to me was demonstrated with great kindness. . .I wish other people here (were) as clear and helpful - fantastic."       Kathleen Higgins, Gloucester 
30 Aug 2011
"Excellent."       S.M. Chaplin, Shurdington 
24 Aug 2011
"Excellent."       Mrs P. Cooke, Minchinhampton  
24 Aug 2011
"Very clearly explained. Service was absolutely 100%."       Bob Cullis 
30 Aug 2011
"Excellent advice from a charming lady who fully understands our problems. The service was very beneficial. I am alone with a husband with advanced Parkinsons. i rate GDA 10/10."       Gladys Lee, Great Barrington 
19 Aug 2011
"10 out of 10."       Mrs E. Vaughan, Lydney 
21 Aug 2011
"First Class."       Harry Snelling, Newnham 
15 Aug 2011
"Excellent help. . .(I) would recommend your services to others."       Mr J. C, Lydney


12 Aug 2011
"The doorbell and phone alerter is great but the headset system is brilliant. Has made such a difference to my life. 10/10."          Mrs D.E. Forest of Dean


10 Aug 2011
"Two smoke transmitters, one vibrating smoke alarm, infralight and headset, phone plus amplifier. (GDA's visit was) very welcome and beneficial."     Mr S.E.D, Cheltenham   


10 Aug 2011
"Very good."       Mr W.I.P, Fairford


10 Aug 2011
"Emma was most helpful in every way. Now I can hear my doorbell and TV - a new experience for me!  (GDA's visit) was very good and very well done!!"       Mrs P. S-S, Gloucester


10 Aug 2011
"Very helpful and professional, both instructions and demonstrations. Ten out of ten."    Mr O.R, Cirencester


3 Aug 2011
"It gave me help and equipment for my TV doorbell and advice about the phone. Later on I will have a new smoke alarm. Everything was excellent. Both my husband and myself were very impressed with your service. We rate Wendy's visit 100%."          Ms S.H. Gloucester


31 July 2011
"It has made such a difference being able to hear the radio and telephone again...just wish it could have happened two years ago!. Emma is brilliant."   Mr D.R. Dursley


28 July 2011
"Excellent. I was very happy with the young lady's visit. She was very pleasant and helpful." Mrs I. M. Gloucester


23 July 2011
"Excellent".          Mrs M.J, Gloucester


20 June 2011
"It was a great help for me to use the TV, and reduced the help I had before. First class."  Mrs