What Others Say About Our Hearing Aid Maintenance
What Others Say
In a recent survey completed by 120 clients, 40 rated GDA's Hard of Hearing Outreach Service as "100%", 35 rated it as "Excellent", 9 rated it as "First Class", 2 rated it as "Extremely Good", 12 rated it as "Very helpful" and 20 rated it as "Very good".

 21 December 2011
"Excellent. Lovely lady."   M.B., Gloucester
25 November 2011
"Very worthwhile and relevant."     A.J.,  Winchcombe
25 November 2011
"Very understanding and courteous."    Mrs S.Y.,  Bishops Cleeve
23 November 2011
"Very pleasant and easy to talk to. A productive visit."    Mrs J.W. Tatshill
6 November 2011
"I can't thank you enough."    Mrs F. S. Coleford
29 October 2011
"Very good."   Mr & Mrs E., Fairford
1 October 2011
"Fantastic and punctual."  C.B., Churchdown, Gloucester
9 Sept 2011
"Very friendly and easy to talk to."      Mr H., Coleford
7 Sept 2011
"Very satisfactory."   D.B. Gloucester
7 Sept 2011
"I have had some lovely feedback. . .about Glos Deaf Assoc. One of the ladies is over the moon about her three different types of equipment (flashing doorlight, vibrating pillow fire alarm and amplified telephone) and Mr H is also very pleased with his listener for the TV which has stopped him worrying about having his volume up and annoying his neighbours. Life changing stuff I'd say!"           M.H., Cheltenham Borough Home Ltd  
10 August 2011
"Very good. Well done."      Mrs P.S-S., Gloucester
7 August 2011
"Very helpful. Lifted sense of despair."    L.M., Cheltenham
13 July 2011
"All the advice I received was to the highest possible standard. Thanks to everyone."    Mrs M..T. Tuffley, Gloucester
11 July 2011
"Perfect and very beneficial."  H.G., Dursley
7 July 2011
"Fantastic. I can't thank you enough."     A.L. Gloucester
4 June 2011
"I'm living in a new world." A.J., Cheltenham
3 Jun 2011
"Very pleasant and a superb job done"           Mr E.J.K., Cheltenham
25 May 2011
"Very highly rated."    I.S., Cheltenham
16 May 2011
"Thank you for all your help. You do a good job in a friendly manner."    R & P. C., Drybook
15 May 2011
"Perfect."    M.B. Cheltenham
4 May 2011
"First class in every way."  J.H. Cheltenham
3 May 2011
"Excellent."  G.H., Gloucester

21 Apr 2011
"I am absolutely pleased with the attention given. . . The service was first class, nice, friendly, and non-hurried!! Excellent!!                Mrs W.P, Longlevens, Gloucester

20 Apr 2011
"It cleared up a long standing problem for me. Excellent."       Mrs I.C., Charlton Kings, Cheltenham
16 April 2011
"Wonderful."  V.G. Coleford
15 April 2011
"So helpful."   M.G., Cheltenham
8 April 2011
"Brilliant. 10/10."   Mr P. Frampton-on-Severn
8 April 2011
"Very helpful and polite."  P. L., Berkeley
1 April 2011
"Emma was so kind and helpful. Her visit was a delight."   M.S., Cheltenham
21 March 2011
"Highly rated."    D.P., Gloucester
16 March 2011
"Efficient, friendly and professional."   P.M., Cirencester
11 March 2011
"Very good."    A.T., Berkeley
9 March 2011
"Very helpful and polite."    P.M., Berkeley

17 Jan 2011
"Wendy gave a talk to our Friendship Club. . .she gave practical help and advice such as checking hearing aids and giving advice on what is available. (We would love) more frequent visits perhaps if funds allow."                    Mrs M.W. Maisemore