Electronic Notetaker
Electronic Notetaker

The perfect solution for hearing impaired people at meetings

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and attend meetings, seminars or lectures, you may find that using an electronic notetaker can aid your communication.
An electronic notetaker can be employed to help you follow a lecture, a speech or a round-table discussion - whereever the service is going to be helpful to you.  At GDA we always employ an electronic notetaker at our Council of Management meetings to assist three of our hard of hearing trustees.

What is electronic notetaking?


Even if you lipread, there may be times when you need extra communication support at meetings or lectures, whether it is a one to one meeting or a large group of people.
An electronic notetaker will sit next to you and convert the speech to text on a laptop computer. The type will be large so that you can easily read it. It will show speakers names and what each person says. It may not be quite verbatim, but it should certainly be close enough for you to follow what is going on. And most note takers are very flexible in the way they work, and can provide more concise notes if that is what you prefer.
If there is more than one deaf person at the meeting the text can be projected onto a bigger screen or wall so that everyone can read it. And later you will be provided with a copy of the notes so you can review the meeting again in your own time.
If you would like to book an electronic notetaker please email bslinterpreters@gda.org.uk