Listening Aid Equipment for Home and Work

Telephone Amplifiers, Flashing Doorbell Chimes, TV Loops and More

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is Equipment Day at GDA, for impartial advice and no hard sell

TV LoopDo you have trouble hearing on the telephone, or even hearing it ring?  Do you avoid TV because family and friends complain that you have the volume uncomfortably loud?  Are you unable to hear your doorbell, so miss people coming to your front door?

When you lose your hearing very gradually, the everyday difficulties you have to deal with become so much a part of your normal life, that you may not realise until a few years down the line how you have fallen out of the habit of communication. 

It's easy to laugh about someone mis-hearing a conversation, but the sense of isolation and vulnerability that so often accompanies acquired hearing loss is certainly no joke. At GDA we too often meet older people in particular who over time have become disconnected from family, friends and neighbours because picking up the phone or engaging in conversation has simply become too difficult and embarrassing.

Expert help and impartial advice

Today there is an impressive range of listening aid equipment and visual alerters that can make a huge difference to your life if you are struggling to hear.  And don't worry if the choice seems confusing; our trained team will be happy to go through the options.  

At Gloucestershire Deaf Association we are proud to be a non-profit-making organisation, which means you can depend on us to give you impartial advice. It also means you won't get any hard sell! If you live within easy reach of our office in Gloucester, why not make an appointment?  Every Monday (2pm to 5pm) and Wednesday (10am to 5pm) is Equipment day, when Sam is on hand to give demonstrations and advice. If you would like to speak to Sam about how we can help you, please contact 01452 372999 to book your appointment.