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Communications Support, Hearing-Aid Maintenance, Equipment Advice and more

In this section you will find out about a range of GDA's services

Over the past few years Gloucestershire Deaf Association has sought to strengthen its reputation as the leading provider of services for deaf and hard of hearing people in Gloucestershire. To this end the charity has identified a key range of services which clients and beneficiaries need and most appreciate, and where we see potential, we have invested to support growth in those areas.

Below, and featured in more detail on separate pages within this section, is a list of the main services provided by Gloucestershire Deaf Association:

For Deaf BSL Users

  • Booking service for BSL interpreters, Deaf-Blind interpreters and Speech to Text operators
  • Drop-in support - to provide assistance with form filling, letter writing and telephone calls
  • Visual alerter equipment advice e.g. vibrating smoke alarm, flashing doorbell chimes, vibrating and flashing alarm clock. 

For People with Acquired Hearing Loss 

  • Hearing-aid maintenance (re-tubing and cleaning, new batteries)
  • Outreach clinics into rural areas, care homes and sheltered accommodation
  • Home visits for the housebound
  • Listening aid equipment advice e.g. amplifying telephones, TV loop systems, etc. Optional 'try before you buy' scheme
  • Lip reading classes