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Deaf role models


At GDA we believe in deaf children. We know they have every ability to achieve just the same as a hearing a child. We also know how incredibly disadvantaged deaf children are within mainstream education and society. By becoming a GDA Deaf positive role model, you will be helping to inspire Gloucestershire's young deaf population and show them that deaf children can achieve anything.

How you can help?

  • Attending special workshops to share your story - share the challenges you've overcome and the achievements you've enjoyed.

  • Motivating and inspiring Gloucestershire's young deaf people.

  • Acting as a champion for GDA's Deaf positive role model programme.

What we can offer you?

  • A platform for you to share your story with young deaf people.

  • Local media opportunities to further promote your achievements.

  • Access to a supportive network of other Deaf positive role models.

To find out more about becoming a Deaf positive role model, contact us on 07875 610860 or email

Living confidently with 
deafness and hearing loss

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