A Range of Social Activities at Gloucestershire Deaf Association

Whatever your level of hearing impairment, there is a group you can join

Some people say that the difference between blindness and deafness is that with blindness you become disconnected from things - music, books, the beauty of nature etc - but with deafness you become disconnected from people.

The real impact of hearing impairment is strangely less to do with not being able to hear as not being able to communicate.  If you can't hear, you can't join in conversations easily,  you may not be able to use the telephone, and you learn to avoid any situation that causes embarrassment both to yourself and people who are trying to connect with you.  That can mean everyone from the postman, to the shop assistant at your local supermarket, to your closest family and friends.

Social isolation can be crippling.  For this reason, Gloucestershire Deaf Association lays great emphasis on supporting social activities that allow young and old people alike with hearing impairment to meet, share experiences, and above all relax and socialise among others who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Some of our groups are for Deaf BSL users; others are for those with age-related acquired hearing loss.  Whatever the level of your hearing impairment, there are people just like you, and who are looking for new friends, just like you.

Our social activities include:

  • Hard of Hearing Clubs
  • Lip Reading Classes
  • Deafened and Cochlear Implant Group
  • Deaf Youth Club (BSL users and English speakers)
  • Deaf Children's Clubs (BSL users and English speakers)
  • Deaf Lunch Club (BSL Users)
  • Gloucester Deaf Club (BSL Users)