Loop Systems / TV and Personal listeners
TV Listeners allow you to listen more clearly to your TV, radio or HiFi in your own volume, without disturbing others. Wireless Listeners give you the freedom to move around while you listen, as you do not need to be in sight of the transmitter. Here you can purchase separate transmitters, receivers and accessories, or buy a complete Wireless Listener system.
Personal Listeners amplify the sounds you want to hear and bring them closer to your ears. They are perfect for watching TV, listening to the Radio, or having a conversation with family and friends, as they ensure you don’t miss out on what is being said. Our Personal Listening products are discreet and easy to use with a number of listening accessories available including neck loops, headphones, ear hooks and ear phones
Please contact Sam Quinson on 01452 372999 (option 1) if you would like to make an appointment to test our equipment before you buy.