Helpful websites and people
We have created this page to give you a direct link to useful BSL videos about a number of every day issues from health to employment and money matters, as well as helpful people. If you come across a BSL video which you think others may benefit from seeing please let us know so we can add the link to this page.
NHS Cancer Screening Programmes provide a number of BSL information videos on breast, cervical, bowel and prostate cancer. You can view the videos by clicking on the following links:
  • breast screening programme - click here
  • cervical screening programme - click here
  • bowel cancer screening programme - click here


Gloucestershire County Council have produced a couple of videos about Fire Safety. The video is in two parts and covers candle safety, cigarette safety, kitchen safety and much more. Watch the BSL video on Fire Safety by clicking here.
Watch this useful BSL video about employment advice, produced by the Citizens Advice Bureau. To watch the BSL video by clicking here.
Our friends at the Citizens Advice Bureau have produced a number of BSL videos about money matters. You can view the videos by clicking on each of the links below.
  • debt advice - click here
  • benefits advice - click here
In this section we will include BSL videos that give information about you and your rights. Here's one which might be of interest from the Citizens Advice Bureau about the Equality Act and what laws are in place to to ensure you are treated fairly and equally. To watch the video please click here.
There is a driving instructor based in Cheltenham who can offer lessons using BSL. For more info contact John on