Meet GDA's Trustees
GDA's Trustees play an instrumental role in the vision and strategic planning of the charity. A majority of our Trustees are deaf or hard of hearing themselves, or have a close connection with a deaf person.
Chris Gardner - Chair of Trustees
A retired Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), Chris joined the Board in December 2014 and was elected Chair in October 2015. Chris has more than 20 years experience in the Seniors Care Sector including property and business aspects. He is also Trustee for Age UK Gloucestershire and a member of the Advisory Board of Forest Green Rovers FC which spearheads its involvement with the community. Following a sporting accident in 1989, Chris lost all hearing in his right ear and is now severely deaf in his left, for which he uses a hearing aid. Worsening deafness forced his early retirement in 2010.
Richard Busby - Trustee / Director
Richard joined the Board of Trustees in January 2013 and brought with him a wealth of experience both in business and working on other boards in the charity and public sector. Richard is hearing.
Graham Howell - Trustee / Director

Graham is a local man with many years of experience in business and particular expertise in site/building redevelopment projects. Graham joined the Board in January 2013. 
Jackie Gloyn - Trustee / Director
Jackie is a second-time around GDA trustee/director, having re-joined the Board in October 2016. She has been an active fundraiser for GDA for nine years, and she started and now helps to run our Cirencester Deaf Children's Club (CDCC) and the Cirencester Hard of Hearing Club. She is on the committee of the Gloucestershire Deafened and Cochlear Implant Support Group (GDCISG), as well as being a member of the Gloucester Hard of Hearing Club.
Peter Maynard - Trustee / Director
Peter became a Trustee of GDA in November 2015, having recently moved to work in Cheltenham. Peter is a solicitor who specialises in dispute resolution and also a trained mediator. He has previous experience of working with the D/deaf community in South Wales. Peter is hearing.
Jonathan Moffitt - Trustee / Director
Jonathan came onto the GDA Board in late 2013 after he hired a deaf employee for his business. He has since employed another deaf person on a part-time basis during 2015. Jonathan manages a business which coordinates utilities and communications for larger clients. Jonathan is hearing.
Justine Norman - Trustee / Director
Justine joined GDA as a trustee in July 2017 and is also a volunteer at our Cirencester Deaf Children’s Club.  She is a Corporate Social Responsibility professional for a Gloucestershire-based FTSE 100 company. As such, she can offer additional insight at Board level into the way GDA operates within the community, liaising with other companies, charities and community organisations. Justine is profoundly deaf in her left ear. Justine is currently learning BSL. 
Christina Snell - Trustee / Director 
Christina joined the GDA Board in 2015. She runs her own business as a Community Celebrant. Previously she was CEO of Age UK Gloucestershire for over nine years, and prior to that worked for the Probation Service in the county and beyond. Her particular skills include strategic development, knowledge of the local funding and commissioning landscape and an understanding of the challenges of running a small to medium sizes organisation. Christina has acquired hearing loss and is a bilateral hearing aid wearer.
Patrick Bryan - Trustee / Director
Patrick joined the GDA Board of Trustees in October 2017. Patrick works as a Support Worker at Q Care Ltd in Gloucestershire, supporting the local deaf community. Patrick is profoundly deaf and a British Sign Language (BSL) user.
Lucy Lea - Trustee / Director

Lucy re-joins the Board after a short spell abroad. Lucy is an independent consultant on research, engagement and inclusion. She has a particular interest in helping decision-makers hear the voice of people and communities whose needs are frequently misunderstood and overlooked. Lucy worked in the NHS in Gloucestershire for 8 years. During this time, she was responsible for helping NHS colleagues understand and accommodate the needs of our diverse communities, including d/Deaf communities. Lucy is hearing.
Martin Mackriell - Trustee / Director 
Martin re-joined the GDA board in January 2018, having previously sat on the Board between 2006 and 2008. Martin works as a painter and decorator with a Gloucestershire based company. Martin is profoundly deaf and a British Sign Language (BSL) user.