About Us
Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA)

Supporting D/deaf and hard of hearing people and their families

Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA) is the frontline organisation delivering specialist services and community activities for D/deaf and hard of hearing adults and children in Gloucestershire.  We work with people with all forms of deafness, including those who are profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language (BSL), as well as those who are hard of hearing, deafened, or deafblind. We are committed to enabling hearing impaired people to participate fully in the community, often through provision of specialist equipment.  Our aim is to help make equality and fairness a normal feature of the everyday lives of people with hearing loss, whether at home or work. 

D/deaf and hard of hearing people are excluded from a wide range of mainstream services and opportunities and we want to change that. Gloucestershire Deaf Association strives to empower Deaf and hard of hearing people to make decisions about things which impact on them.We work continuously to provide practical as well as emotional support that focuses on improving quality of life, independence and social inclusion.


For Deaf  Adult British Sign Language Users

Provision of BSL interpreters - face to face or online



Drop-in assistance with form-filling, letter writing, telephone calls



Gloucestershire Deaf Lunch Club

Social Activity


Gloucestershire Deaf Sports & Social Club

Social Activity

Gloucestershire Deaf Kids Zone for Deaf Parents of Deaf or Hearing Children Social Activity
For Hard of Hearing and Deafened Adults Hearing aid(s) maintenance service - at the GDA office, outreach clinics or at home for housebound Service
Listening Aid Equipment Advice and Purchase - at the GDA office or at home Service
Lip reading - 8 weekly classes around the county Service
Hard of Hearing Clubs - signposting you to the different clubs we run in Gloucestershire Social Activity
For Deaf and Hard of Hearing young people and children Gloucestershire Deaf Youth Zone (GDKZ) Social Activity
Gloucestershire Deaf Kids Zone (GDYZ) Social Activity
Cirencester Deaf Children's Club (CDCC)