Mission, Vision and Values
Our mission
To provide practical and emotional support for D/deaf people in Gloucestershire, by assisting them to overcome communication hurdles and to campaign on their behalf for better communication access.
Our vision
GDA's vision is of a society which actively supports ways to break down communication barriers so as to enable Deaf British sign language users, as well as those with an acquired significant hearing loss to participate more fully in their communities.
Our values
GDA's values are based on working to the social rather than the medical definition of disability, which is to say that it is not hearing impairment that isolates D/deaf  people from mainstream hearing society, but rather hearing society's lack of determination and tolerance that disables D/deaf people.
GDA is one of only a handful of charities in Gloucestershire that fulfils the criteria of being a 'disabled people's user-led organisation' (DPULO). Our charity shows by example how including hearing impaired people, whether in the workplace or social settings, is readily achievable with practical support and a willingness to adapt communication methods. Four out of eight members of staff at GDA are Deaf BSL users or hard of hearing, and all hearing staff are required to learn basic British Sign Language (BSL) to ensure GDA operates in a total communication environment. In this way our Deaf colleagues are able to participate on equal terms, including general everyday conversation.